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Fleurty Wick

Monsieur Black by Fleurty Wick

Monsieur Black by Fleurty Wick

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Step into an air of sophistication with Monsieur Black, a candle that exudes elegance and mystery. Perfectly crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this luxurious scent transports you to a world of refined charm and timeless allure. The fragrance opens with a refreshing burst of ozone and citrus, awakening your senses. As it evolves, the warm, creamy aroma of sandalwood and sweet, balsamic benzoin take center stage, enveloping you in comfort and sophistication. The grand finale is a masterful blend of dark musk, rich amber, and woody cedar, with a soft hint of powder that lingers beautifully. Light up Monsieur Black and transform your space into a sanctuary of refined luxury and unparalleled style.

12oz, Matte Vessel

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