Collection: All Natural Smudge Spray and Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Explore our curated collection of scents for the home, meticulously designed to elevate and purify your living spaces. Fleurty Wick’s Clean and Clear line includes an array of exquisite products such as smudge sprays and multi-purpose cleaners, each crafted with the finest natural ingredients to ensure a harmonious and refreshing atmosphere.

Our Clean and Clear Smudge Sprays offer a smoke-free alternative to traditional smudging, perfect for those who seek spiritual cleanliness without the smoke. Available in calming Lavender, purifying White Sage, and uplifting Palo Santo, these sprays help to clear negative energy and enhance tranquility in your surroundings.

Complementing our smudge sprays, our multi-purpose cleaners deliver effective cleaning performance with the added benefit of our signature scents. Whether you are looking to cleanse, refresh, or thoroughly clean, our products are designed to transform any home into a serene sanctuary.

Dive into the Fleurty Wick experience and let our specially curated scents turn your everyday living into a luxurious, aromatic journey. Perfect for your own home or as thoughtful gifts, our collection promises purity, quality, and peace of mind in every spray.