Scent Library

Rosemary Bamboo

Experience the rejuvenating allure of Rosemary Bamboo, a dual-layered fragrance inspired by nature. Its invigorating citrus and eucalyptus blend seamlessly with herbaceous rosemary and warm cedar, while earthy patchouli adds depth. Transitioning to a fresh summer sensation, lush bamboo and spice merge into a tropical floral bouquet, culminating in delicate orange blossoms and clear musk. Let this exquisite blend transport you to a tranquil botanical paradise.

Sandalwood Musk

Embrace the harmonious blend of nature's richness and floral delicacy with our sophisticated fragrance. Opening with crisp green leaves, it evolves into a captivating mix of bergamot and musk, offering floral serenity. Enhanced by robust teakwood and leather, its base features Amyris, sandalwood, and patchouli, with a touch of ozone for freshness. This elegant scent balances earthy depth and floral grace, perfect for those seeking a captivating fragrance experience.

Orchard Vineyard

Orchard Vineyard, a scent that embodies the spirited fusion of zesty citrus and lush vineyard essences. This unique scent begins with a vibrant top layer of lime and lemon, offering a fresh and invigorating introduction. As the fragrance unfolds, it reveals a complex heart of red and white wines, beautifully intertwined with notes of pineapple, raspberry, orange, and apple, evoking the rich and varied palette of a sun-drenched orchard beside a bustling vineyard. The journey concludes with a warm base of oak, adding depth and a subtle woody undertone that grounds the effervescent fruit and wine notes.

Luxe Serenity

Luxe Serenity is a refined and soothing fragrance that artfully blends light, airy notes with a hint of floral opulence. The scent begins with a refreshing top layer of white tea, ozone, and lemon, enhanced by subtle citrus touches and the green zest of petitgrain. This initial freshness gently transitions into the heart of the fragrance, where the softness of linen and the delicate sweetness of lilac meet the sumptuous floral bouquet of neroli, jasmine, and orange blossom. As the scent settles, the base notes of ozone and sandalwood merge seamlessly with vanilla, adding a creamy depth that is lightly dusted with powder and grounded by the earthy richness of patchouli. Luxe Serenity is a beautifully balanced fragrance, ideal for those seeking a peaceful yet sophisticated aromatic experience in their surroundings.

Celestial Bloom

A fragrance that masterfully captures the essence of nature's complexity and beauty, this enchanting scent opens with a burst of freshness from ozone, complemented by the delicate floral notes of freesia and the zesty, invigorating aromas of lemon and lemongrass. The heart unfolds into a lush garden of jasmine, geranium, and fig, enriched by the delicate sweetness of cherry blossom and black currant, intertwined with the crispness of green leaves. As the experience deepens, the base of this fragrance reveals a rich tapestry of bamboo and moss, enhanced with the subtle warmth of powder and the exotic spice of saffron. The grounding presence of patchouli and wood adds depth and persistence, creating a scent that is both refreshing and profound.

Eucalyptus Rose

Experience the refreshing allure of our Eucalyptus and Rose fragrance, a captivating blend designed to invigorate and soothe your senses. This unique combination pairs the crisp, minty notes of white eucalyptus with the delicate, romantic essence of fresh rose petals, creating a harmonious and uplifting aroma. Perfect for enhancing any space, this fragrance is ideal for those who seek a scent that embodies both purity and warmth. Elevate your home or office with this elegant and soothing scent, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere that's both tranquil and energizing. Ideal for relaxation, this fragrance will transform your environment into a serene retreat.

Citrus Fusion

Introducing Citrus Fusion, a vibrant and refreshing fragrance that brings together the bright and zesty notes of lemon peel and orange peel at the top. In the heart of this blend, experience a burst of citrus goodness with grapefruit, mandarin, orange, tangerine, and agave. Finally, the base notes of lime, sugar, and peach add a subtle sweetness, creating a harmonious fusion of citrus delights that invigorate the senses and uplift the mood. Indulge in the energizing aroma of Citrus Fusion and transform your space into a lively and inviting oasis.


Ocean is a captivating blend that transports you to a serene seaside escape. At the top, fresh petitgrain and ozone notes create a crisp, invigorating sensation. The heart of the fragrance reveals a harmonious blend of sea salt, plum, and eucalyptus, evoking the salty air and lush foliage of the coast. Finally, the base notes of powder, sandalwood, and dark musk add a warm, comforting finish, reminiscent of a cozy beachfront retreat. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of Ocean Breeze and let the soothing scent of the sea wash over you.