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Fleurty Wick

Monsieur Aspen by Fleurty Wick

Monsieur Aspen by Fleurty Wick

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Embrace the spirit of adventure with Monsieur Aspen, a candle that brings the refreshing essence of the great outdoors into your home. This sophisticated fragrance captures the refreshing blend of marine and camphor notes, intertwined with a hint of juicy pineapple, creating a fresh and uplifting opening. As the scent unfolds, soothing lavender and crisp bamboo emerge, adding a serene and natural touch. The base notes of dark musk, earthy vetiver, rich amber, and woody cedar provide a grounding and comforting finish. Light up Monsieur Aspen and let the fragrance transport you to a tranquil haven of natural beauty and elegance.

12oz, Matte Vessel

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