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Fleurty Wick



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Our Man Cave odor eliminating soy candles are made exclusively for male environments, however they are enjoyed by women as well.
Available in amber container with lid
9 ounce

Our Man Cave Collection is specially crafted for male environments but enjoyed by everyone. These odor-eliminating soy candles come in an amber container with a black lid, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Each candle is 9 ounces and not available for private label.

  1. Asian Sandalwood: A woody bouquet with hints of orange, jasmine, and cedar.
  2. Basil, Mint, and Sage: A refreshing blend of basil, mint, sage, and white musk.
  3. Black Cedarwood and Juniper: Exotic florals with a base of amber and wood.
  4. Birch and Black Pepper: A woody blend with a cool spiciness.
  5. Fig and Bergamot: Fig enriched by coconut and bergamot with a dry musk.
  6. Sandalwood and Suede: Rich dark chocolate, cedar, and green herbs with a light musk.
  7. Pipe Tobacco: The aroma of tobacco leaf and cognac.
  8. Tobacco and Bay Leaf: Light citrus, sandalwood, cedar, and warm musk.

Transform your space with these enticing scents that capture the essence of masculinity and relaxation.


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